Faith and Life

Faith and Life offers spiritual guidance to the Canadian conference and its churches providing directions in matters of faith, ethics, doctrine, theology and Christian living.

Through the Board of Faith and Life (BFL), we help ensure we are growing spiritually healthy churches grounded in the Bible and equipped to reach their communities for Christ. We do this by providing spiritual guidance and direction in matters of faith, theology, ethics, and Christian living and upholding biblical and ethical integrity through our Confession of Faith as well as resources and events.

We provide spiritual guidance to the Canadian Conference, local MB churches, and church leaders, staff, and members in all matters related to faith, ethics, doctrine, theology, and living the Christian life.

On an ongoing basis, the BFL, which is responsible for observing the Canadian Conference’s executive board, performs an “environmental scan” of the conference, identifying and then addressing areas of concern and significant issues which local MB churches are dealing with. The BFL also is responsible for clarifying structural relationships within the conference.

BFL Pamphlet Series & Other Recommended Resources

The BFL also serves the conference by publishing pamphlet series on a number of important topics, such as Christian marriage, baptism and church membership, leadership, abortion, biblical ecology, and discernment, among others; holding regular study conferences on relevant topics to engage the MB community and provide participants with the opportunity to learn and grow together; and offering Pastors’ Credentialing and Orientation and other pastoral services for pastors new to the MB community.

The MB Confession of Faith

The MB Confession of Faith is also an integral part of the BFL’s ministry within the conference. The worldwide MB community is rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite movement of 16th-century Europe. Anabaptists held their confessional statements in high regard and viewed them as a public testimony that both outlined and detailed what they believed.

The MB Confession of Faith, based on the Bible and used for conference-wide leadership, guidance, direction, instruction, church polity, and discipline, is very important to the Canadian Conference and comprises an integral component of who we are as well as what we believe.


The BFL hosts study conferences biannualy. At Study Conferences we interpret scripture and choose a direction together. Five hundred years ago, the Anabaptists determined four ways through which they could discern the will of God: Scripture, the life of Christ, the voice of the Holy Spirit who resides in each believer, and the discerning community of faith. We believe the community of faith working together, guided by the Holy Spirit and the Bible, forms a community hermeneutic (study and interpretation of the Bible).

BFL also facilitates Pastoral Credentialing and Orientation, a pastoral-equipping and orientation event, led by MB Biblical Seminary faculty and Canadian Conference staff. It is for those who are new to ministry within the Mennonite Brethren conference and for others who are seeking a refresher on Mennonite Brethren history, theology and resources. Those who attend and complete the requirements are eligible for pastor’s credentialing through their respective provincial conferences.

Centre for MB Studies

The Centre for MB Studies ministry tells the past and present discipleship stories of the MB community. It also serves the Canadian Conference by preserving and maintaining historical records and collections, assisting students, congregations, and others in research, writing, and commemorations, sponsoring historical events, and publishing the Mennonite Historian.

Direction Journal

For over thirty years Direction has been addressing biblical, theological, historical, ethical, and church-related issues. A semiannual publication, Direction is supported by Mennonite Brethren higher education institutions in the United States and Canada.

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