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Previous town hall meetings were recorded and are available for viewing below, along with linked resources.

November 25, 2021

An opportunity for church members and leadership to engage in conversation around a new model of engagement for National Assembly meetings 

The Collaborative Model invites us into a new way of decision-making. Older structures that are top-down, privilege some voices over others or allow for input mainly at the moment of decision-making need to be adjusted to better reflect our aspirational values and our desire to be a multi-generational, multicultural, healthy spiritual family.

November 16, 2020

An opportunity for church members and leadership to engage in conversation around our new bylaws.

Supporting Documents and Presentations

To help you process the proposed changes we have added several supporting and introductory documents together with draft 1 of the bylaws.


Introduction to Amended Bylaws

CCMBC General Operating Bylaws (Draft)

CCMBC Bylaw Commentary (Draft)

Summary of Changes (Draft)

CCMBC Bylaws Revisions Summary (Draft)

CCMBC Bylaw FAQ (Draft)

Provincial Checklist for Constitution and Bylaw Alignment (Draft)


May 21, 2020

The COVID-19 limitations on the size of gatherings suddenly thrust the churches in Canada into the world of house church. This is a world that we know well from reading the New Testament and from our study of the Early Church, but one that most of us have not personally experienced. Join us for a conversation on how to make the most of the benefits that a house church offers and avoid the pitfalls that may come with it.


Ingrid Reichard – came to Christ and was formatively discipled in a house church and serves the MB Church of Canada as the national Faith & Life director.


For help on how to introduce the House Church option to your church contact your provincial conference office or ">Derek Parentau

Book – Spent Matches (Roy Moran)

Online info on House Church

Recent blog on introducing House Church in our context


March 31, 2020


March 20, 2020

What are the financial and insurance implications related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Hear from an insurance expert on ways to minimize the economic impact on the local church.


March 19, 2020

Being the Church in challenging times: Pastoring in a season of social distancing.


Preparing your church for Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Humanitarian Disaster Institute (pdf)

Family Discipleship & COVID-19 – church edition (pdf)

Family Discipleship & COVID-19 – parent edition (pdf)


March 18, 2020

Taking church online: Identifying tools, resources and platforms to stream your church service online.


March 18 2020 Town Hall Resource page (pdf)

Taking church online – Zoom chat transcript (pdf)

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