Leadership Development Partnership Grant


The Leadership Development Partnership Grant (LDPG) is a coordinated approach of streamlining national and provincial assets to educate and train leaders who are called into ministry-related work.

God is the one who calls and ultimately equips people to the work of ministry. We also believe that churches participate in the calling process by affirming, encouraging, and resourcing those being called. The LDPG is a collaborative effort by multiple organizations to release financial resources that will provide current and emerging leaders with the means to develop further ministry knowledge, experience, and skills. The LDPG comes alongside the local church in several significant ways by

  • providing avenues of connectivity between a local church and institutions or programs that deliver leadership development resources,
  • leveraging the partnerships of national/provincial conferences, agencies, and churches to provide aid and resources to ministry leaders, and
  • identifying, highlighting, and supporting new leaders within our denomination.

Qualified students seeking education and training in ministry-related fields are eligible to receive LDPG funding toward course tuition that matches their own financial contribution. The LDPG is anchored in the following five values:

  • Church Centered: The LDPG will be granted at the request of local churches who have identified potential leaders and are committed to supporting their development. The expectation is for each local church to initiate the process and for the LDPG recipient to provide ongoing ministry service within this local MB church while benefiting from the LDPG.
  • Denominationally Directed: The LDPG is meant to be a coordinated denominational approach to supporting leadership development. This effort mobilizes all members of the CUSP as partners in leadership development. This is the first step towards a more unified approach of leadership development.
  • Pathway Oriented: The LDPG is more than a funding strategy for students; it is designed to support the ongoing growth of leaders. To do this best, relational and organizational efforts must be established to provide healthy and intentional opportunities for future development.
  • Lifelong Commitment: As part of an integrated leadership development strategy, the LDPG values continued support throughout the ministry life of a leader. Continued education, skill-developing courses, and other ministry training are included in the goal of this program.
  • Anchored in Disciple-Making: Our mission is “to cultivate a community and culture of healthy disciple-making churches and ministries, faithfully joining Jesus in his mission.” In keeping with our mission, we will only fund courses or programs that further propel this mission. Careful analysis and qualification are needed to vet programs and courses for LDPG funding.

The 2023-24 academic year marks the beginning of Phase One of the LDPG. The following educational institutions are eligible participants in Phase One:

MB Seminary

    • The national seminary of the CCMBC has its administrative offices in Langley, B.C. and offers graduate certificate and degree options through Teaching Churches, online, and through its partnership with three denominational seminaries (ACTS Seminaries).
    • LDPG funding toward course tuition will come from the student (25%), their supporting MB church (25%), CCMBC (25%), and MB Seminary (25%).
    • Students receiving the LDPG are eligible to receive funding toward their course tuition up to a maximum of $7,500 per calendar year (a maximum of $2,500 per partner per calendar year). If an LDPG student chooses to enrol in additional courses that would exceed the maximum annual amount, the LDPG would not apply toward the tuition of those courses.
    • LDPG recipients will not be eligible for general Financial Aid awards at MB Seminary, but they may be eligible for other endowed bursaries.

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) – MB GTE Track

    • The MB GTE track offered by CMU through its Graduate School of Theology and Ministry, is located in Winnipeg, MB. It is a partnership between the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba (MBCM), CMU, CCMBC, and MB Seminary.
    • LDPG funding has not yet been determined.

École de théologie évangélique de Quebec (ETEQ)

    • ETEQ, located in Montreal, Quebec, provides graduate theological education.
    • LDPG funding has not yet been determined. 


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