Leadership Development

 The Leadership development priority area aims to enhance  MB pastors’ and leaders’  effectiveness in creating a healthy disciple-making culture. These objectives will be achieved through a combination of informal, formal, and non-formal education and training programs and ministries for existing churches, new churches, cross-cultural ministry, and marketplace contexts. Although success in this strategic area will require contribution from all of us, MB Seminary, in coordination with Provincial teams, Conference ministers, the National Faith and Life Team, and Multiply, will lead this priority area. 

Key Deliverables:

1. Develop assessment tools so churches can assess their leadership capacity and the ability to call out and equip new leaders.

2. Formal, informal and non-formal training.

3. Establishment of a network of teaching churches and partner schools.

4. Establishment of a continuing education requirement and process for pastors.

5. Support and provide continued skill-enhancing tools, national leadership surveys, and development to existing pastors and leaders.

6. Survey churches for professional development plans and annual review process for staff.

7. Build a national leadership database and leadership development stream.

MB Seminary Courses

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leadership capacity and existing plan for leadership development.


formal and non-formal training.


with teaching churches.


continued skill development and training.


Leadership Development Partnership Grant (LDPG)

Leadership Development is one of four priorities identified in the CUSP (Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan). The Leadership Development Partnership Grant (LDPG) is a coordinated approach of streamlining national and provincial assets to strengthen the development of leaders called into ministry-related work.

Qualified students seeking education and training in ministry-related fields may be eligible to receive LDPG funding toward course tuition that matches their own financial contribution. Learn more.