Helping You Discern The Next Steps To Become The Leader Or Church That God Wants You To Be

Our core functions

We resource churches on mission, enabling them to discern their next steps toward missional clarity and effectiveness. We develop and equip leaders in community – teaching, mentoring and coaching them where they are for the mission and calling God has given them. Our new online community and networking site L2Lnet.org connects leaders across Canada and increasingly from other parts of the world to learn together, share and pray together, and exchange resources that they have found helpful in their ministry settings.

Our services

Camp Ministries Directors’ Gathering

Directors of Christian camps connect to spotlight best practices for developing young women and men to be godly in their ministry roles as exemplars, counsellors, Bible study facilitators, skill leaders, etc.

Coach Me!

We are passionate about helping leaders identify and take next steps in their lifelong learning interests and developmental journey as leaders. Canadian MB leaders told us they wanted resourcing in three areas:

  • Spiritual renewal – practices and means by which leaders are sustained and shaped
  • Theological discovery – leaders are enriched and equipped through intentional reading, study, and mentoring
  • Skills-oriented leadership capactiy – a realization that leadership capacity depends on our ability to receive from God and others

Coach Us!

We are passionate about helping churches to be on mission. We enjoy assisting you and your team in gaining greater clarity on where your church is at in terms of its developmental journey and through conversation to prayerfully explore and discern with you the best path forward. With agreement on a path we will design a coaching arrangement that fits your needs.

Eagle’s Flight

The Leader’s Triad™ seminar addresses three key topics that affect a leader’s effectiveness, a leadership team’s impact, and an organization’s outcomes.

Genius of Generosity

The Genius of Generosity is an excellent resource for providing positive teaching and facilitating thoughtful discussion on the theme of generosity.

L2L online community

Launched in February 2014, L2L is an online community and networking site that provides a growing collection of online learning opportunities and resources for leaders in the areas of spiritual renewal, theological enrichment, and leadership skill development (life skills and ministry skills). Through a variety of tools and assessments, the site gives leaders the chance to eliminate geographic barriers and to develop, strengthen, and sustain relationships.

Leadership Training Matching Grant

The Leadership Training Matching Grant  is funded by CCMBC in partnership with the local church. The purpose of the grant is to: encourage people to enter ministry leadership training; encourage churches to actively discern those with potential for pastoral ministry, cross-cultural ministry, and/or professional Christian service and to remain connected to their students while they study; and, incentivize persistence through to graduation and into ministry.

Making Conflict Productive

Churches sometimes make a mess out of non-sin conflict! They turn differences of opinion into a tug-of-war, totally missing the opportunities for growth and change that the conflict offers. By addressing and resolving different positions and interests, individuals and groups discover conflict as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Conflict is going to happen, so we may as well learn to use it productively.

Presidents’ Network

Presidents of Mennonite Brethren colleges, universities, and seminaries across Canada gather for the purpose of connecting, providing mutual support, understanding the Canadian landscape, opportunities, and challenges in which each institution lives out its mission.


A two-phase revitalization process for leaders and local churches, emphasizing both personal and corporate renewal.

Transitional Pastors’ Network

The Transitional Pastors’ Network helps transitional pastors grow to connect more deeply with each other, supporting one another, praying together and for each other and for specific ministry situations. We also want to grow the capacity of transitional pastors to shepherd congregations through transitional seasons.


A fun and insightful experiential learning opportunity that teaches participants that living generously brings tremendous joy, freedom and fulfillment. Generosity is a choice that flows from the heart.

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