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Update from Resourcing Churches & Developing Leaders

by Staff

Camp Ministries Directors

Nineteen participants from eight MB Camps gathered in Richmond, B.C., November 7-9, 2013 for times of prayer, fellowship, and resourcing one another. Camps have an integral role in developing young leaders. The event highlighted best practices for developing young women and men to be godly in their camping ministry roles as exemplars. Participants valued the opportunity to experience community with others that share a common vision from across Canada.

Leadership Training Ministry Grant

The Leadership Training Matching Grant is funded by CCMBC in partnership with the local church. This year 25 students (14 full-time and 11 part-time) received grants. The purpose of the grant is to encourage people to enter ministry leadership training; encourage churches to actively discern those with potential for pastoral ministry, cross-cultural ministry, and/or professional Christian service and to remain connected to their students while they study, and; incentivize persistence through to graduation and into ministry.

Presidents’ Network Gathering

The presidents from Bethany, CBC, CMU, ETEM, and ACTS/MBBS met on October 18 and 19, 2013 in Edmonton. Their time started with dinner on October 18 and included their academic deans on the October 19. The purpose of their time together was to provide mutual support, shared understanding of the whole Canadian landscape, and to hear how each institution lives out its mission in light of current opportunities and challenges.

Canadian Youth Workers Conference (CYWC) Luncheon

More than 30 MB Youth Pastors attended an MB luncheon hosted during CYWC, November 8-11, 2013. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect as a group of like-minded women and men committed to minister to youth across the country. Based on the feedback CYWC received, future events will be condensed, regional, affordable events that deliver intentionally crafted content. CYWC Regional will be hosted by Truth Matters in cooperation with Youth Specialties Canada and All About Youth.

Leaders2Learners (L2L)

In early 2014 L2L will launch as an online community website that will provide an extensive collection of online learning opportunities and resources for pastors and leaders in the areas of spiritual renewal, theological enrichment and leadership skill development (life skills and ministry skills). Through a variety of tools and assessment, L2L will provide leaders and pastors to use technology to eliminate geographic separation and to develop, strengthen, and sustain relationships.

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