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Thanksgiving at CCMBC

by Roger Villeneuve

We at CCMBC are constantly amazed at the blessings that God provides. We have much to be thankful for! From the desks of some of our various ministries, here’s how we are thanking God this season.

Executive Office

I love this time of year.  The colours, the smells, the change of seasons. The rest of summer is done and the new beginnings of school, sports, and ministry have begun. It is at this time of year that expectations rise…what will God do this ministry season? How will he move and work in our lives, our workplaces, our schools and our churches? My sense of gratitude at Thanksgiving rises from a deep sense of joy at God’s continuing work in our world. Lives are changing, people are being transformed and we have the privilege of being part of God’s great on going work. Wow! What a privilege! What a joy! Thank you Jesus.

-Willy Reimer, executive director

Board of Faith and Life

On behalf of the BFL, I am thankful for the high level of interest we have in our denomination in theological conversation.  We have a high level of registrations for the study conference, and the buzz is starting.  I know that there are potential pitfalls, but being true to the gospel of Jesus Christ mandates that we try to navigate them and trust in the working of the Holy Spirit to maintain unity as we do.  But we have a lot of good people who are committed to the gospel who are coming together next month, and that is no small thing.

-Brian Cooper, chair of the BFL

The Centre for MB Studies

CMBS is thankful for the ongoing support from donors across Canada, which makes our work possible. We remain committed to resourcing MB churches and their leaders for the mission of God that we share.

-CMBS staff

Resourcing Churches and Developing Leaders

As a team we’re grateful for the many ways we can serve collaboratively with leaders across the country, provincial conferences, and teams within CCMBC that have specific gift sets.
We’re thankful for the Canadian MB leaders that have provided us with clarity by telling us that they wanted resourcing in three areas: spiritual renewal, theological discovery, and skills-oriented leadership capacity. We are thankful that we get to resource churches on mission, enabling them to discern their next steps toward missional clarity and effectiveness.
We’re thankful that we get to develop and equip leaders in community – teaching, mentoring, and coaching them where they are for the mission and calling God has given them. Most of all, we are thankful that we get to participate in the greatest mission – reaching Canadians with the good news of Jesus Christ and discipling them in churches on mission.
-RCDL team

C2C Network

The C2C network is praising God and thanking Him for multiple expressions of the gospel in cities and communities across Canada as He raises up and deploys harvest workers for the advancement of His Kingdom.
We are also thankful for the many people and ministry partners who lift C2C up in prayer before the throne of God and who faithfully contribute financially to the ongoing work of life transformation, and church reproduction and multiplication in our country.

-C2C network team 

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