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In response to the Humboldt bus tragedy

by CCMBC Communications

As we continue to pray for those impacted by the tragic bus accident on Friday in Saskatchewan, CCMBC would like to share the following prayer as given by Westside Community Church interim pastor John Unger:

You are worthy, Lord, to receive all our praise, all honour, all glory. And so, we sing, and well we should.

But our songs feel heavy this morning, caught in a wave of grief that begins in Humboldt, Saskatoon, St. Albert, Lethbridge, and runs right across Canada. We have been reminded that even young bodies are fragile, our lives are finite, and our days may be numbered far fewer than we thought. We have witnessed unimaginable loss and overwhelming grief, lives and families that are shattered and will never be whole again.

On those whose bodies are broken, Lord, have mercy.

On those whose hearts are crushed, Lord, have mercy.

On all parents who put their kids on a bus, Lord, have mercy.

May surrounding churches respond in kindness and generosity, even as we hope we would respond if it happened here.

In the face of so much loss, we turn to You, the Lord of life, of death and resurrection, for where else should we turn?


Originally posted on the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba’s Facebook page.

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