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National update | December 2019 [Video]

by CCMBC Communications

Collaborative communications team

(as of January 2020)

Mitch Mealey (NB)
Anne Lalonde (AEFMQ)
Sarah Whyte (ON)
Kristi Lee (ONMB)
Bomba Ng’andu (MBCM)
Amanda Leighton (MBCM/CCMBC)
Lyle Krahn (SK)
Paul Loewen (ABMB)
Ruthie Kamphuis (ABMB)
Tamara Okoti (BCMB)
Keith Reed (MB Seminary)
Daniel Lichty (Multiply)
Carson Samson (CCMBC)

Video transcript

Elton DaSilva: [00:00:02] Greetings MB churches. As we come to the end of another ministry year, we take time to reflect on the year that was. We thank you for your prayers, for this was indeed a difficult year. It was a year where we saw many parts of us suffer losses have to undergo changes and relations early. We felt the pain.

Elton DaSilva: [00:00:28] We are grateful also that in this year we were able to approve and begin to implement a new way of collaborating — a new governance system that we’ve been calling the Collaborative Model. I know that for many of us the Collaborative Model still seems quite unfinished. Part of this process is that now we need the voices of all of us to begin to shape this in a way that makes sense for this family of churches. I want to thank you: Throughout all of this, even through disappointments, even through hearing Our Financial Story, and all of the different things that were presented at the AGM this year, you are still part of us. You still choose to connect. You still choose to work together.

Elton DaSilva: [00:01:19] Let me update you on a few things we have done since the AGM. Now that we are firmly into the implementation of the Collaborative Model, the National Assembly Executive met officially for the first time. We began to talk about the promises that were made and presented to you in the document, Our Financial Story, and we are now creating a process by which we can say “here’s when and how we will fulfill these commitments.” You’ll hear more shortly from our Executive Board.

Elton DaSilva: [00:01:54] The National Faith in Life Team met — again officially as the National Faith and Life Team — and continue the process of working through a rewriting of Article 8: baptism and membership. This baptism and membership will come to you at your conventions in this new year, 2020, for your approval and your voting.

Elton DaSilva: [00:02:13] The National Ministry Team also met — officially for the first time — in a process of meeting, we representing our provinces and our agencies, began to work in a process that allows for decision-making to have a longer runway. A new document called the decision-making roadmap is now available to you in a link with this video, or if you come to our website.

Elton DaSilva: [00:02:45] We are putting together also a team of governance experts from across the country to begin to develop a robust governance manual — more like a governance library — that contains within, not just relationships and how these relationships work within this new governance model, but also policies that will allow us to set limitations for those relationships. Together we want to be able to present the draft to the National Assembly in June, and beyond that, to take it to the churches for their feedback and refinement. Our hope is that by the conventions 2021 one we will have all of our bylaws and governance in place for this new Collaborative Model. Also fulfilling one of the promises made at the AGM in again in the same document we are now in a process of putting together a communications team that includes people from across the country. Here’s Carson to tell you more about how this communication will work.

Carson Samson: [00:03:57] Thank you. It’s an exciting time for the communications department. As just mentioned, we’ve put together a collaborative communications team that’s meant to represent all of Canada. Members will come from the local churches, our provincial offices, and our partner agencies. Together we’ll talk through issues of communication that are relevant to us and to our churches, to our environments. And we’ll plan and brainstorm together, and wherever possible work on projects. We meet later this week, and there’s room on this team for more. If you have an interest or passion for communications you, or know somebody who fits that description, I’d ask that you reach out to me. We’d love to have them — or you — on this team. Email me at communications@mbchurches.ca.

Carson Samson: [00:04:42] If I could take just a moment, I’ll highlight three main focus areas. Priorities that we want to act on in early 2020. The first is monthly financial reporting. As part of Our Financial Story, we made a commitment to this. We hope to deliver, via e-news to our subscribers, and online for any and everyone else, a dashboard that delivers key metrics and lets you know what we’re doing with our funds. This will happen on a regular basis, at the end of each month. Expect the first one in February 2020.

Carson Samson: [00:05:16] Second: virtual town hall meetings. Our desire is to host six of these meetings allowing dialogue with churches, membership, and leadership. Again this would be virtual through Zoom, and we’ll have more information to come very soon. Our plans are to have the first town hall meeting in April of 2020.

Carson Samson: [00:05:36] Third: a continued commitment to storytelling. We want to tell the stories of the family from across the country, and to do this we need your help, your story ideas, and also we’ll lean in to the members of this collaborative communications team to help as well. Send your story ideas, your suggestions, and your thoughts to me at communications@mbchurches.ca. If you have any questions about what I’ve reported on or what we’ve reported on together, do reach out. Again it’s communications@mbchurches.ca. Thank you.

Elton DaSilva: [00:06:10] I hope that this short video gives you enough information that helps you to engage with us, and track with us where we are going. We invite your participation, we invite your feedback, and your comments. We want to join with you and invite you to join with us, as we build into the future. I want to also wish a very merry Christmas to you to yours, your ministry, and to wish that the light of the world — Jesus Christ — will shine his hope, his light of hope, in you during this season.

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