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John: Latest book in Believers Church Bible Commentary series

by Roger Villeneuve

John, written by William M. Swartley, is the 26th Believers Church Bible Commentary to be released by Herald Press since the series began in 1986.

The gospel of John’s “from above” orientation transforms our human “from below” assumptions and habits. It draws us into union with God and into unity with one another. It communicates who Jesus is, in both intimate and profound dimensions. The book of John shapes Christian identity, invigorates worship, and implants eternal hope. “John’s gospel defies description,” marvels Swartley, professor emeritus at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. “It soars like the eagle, links heaven and earth, and both comforts and convicts the human heart. Its Christology is rich, with a plethora of titles for Jesus – even the divine eternal I AM.”

Though commentaries on the book of John abound, this volume follows the unique Believers Church Bible Commentary Series format, providing sections on The Text in Biblical Context and The Text in the Life of the Church. According to Swartley, this format serves well “the interests of seminary as well as other graduate students, and pastors especially.”

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