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January 2020 Financial Dashboard

by CCMBC Communications

A monthly snapshot of our current financial position. Additional metrics will be displayed as more data becomes available to us. Each quarter, CCMBC Investments and Legacy Fund will supply financial updates.

Year-to-date Income (Actual v. Budget)

CCMBC is currently $70,234 short of year-to-date budgeted income.


  1. Provincial single-stream funding is 84% under the year-to-date budget. CCMBC anticipates these funds to be received quarterly.
  2. An additional $18,000 of Provincial support for MB church plants is also anticipated.

Year-to-date Expenses (Actual v. Budget)

CCMBC is currently $66,092 above year-to-date budgeted expenses.


  1. A full-year insurance payment occurred in January 2020.
  2. Travel expenses for future months also occurred in January 2020.
  3. Although expenses year to date are higher than budget. They are in keeping with the annual budget.

Year-to-date Expenses by Category


  1. Collaborative Model includes National Director, National Faith and Life Team, National Ministry Team, National Assembly, National Assembly Executive, and the Centre for MB Studies.
  2. CCMBC Supported 21 MB church plants in January 2020.
  3. MB family partner support includes ICOMB, MB Seminary, ETEQ, MB Historical Commission, and the Leadership Training Matching Grant.
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