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Our Financial Story

by CCMBC Communications

October 17, 2019

Hello MB Family,

A number of months ago I made a commitment, on behalf of the executive board, to provide a document that tells our financial story. Why? There were lingering questions about how our reserves could have declined so dramatically and the role church planting played in that. We decided to step back from the numbers to discern how and why this happened, and to appropriately identify and own the issues.

This was not an easy or comfortable exercise but it was important. I hope it will be helpful as we, your executive board, strive to be more open handed and earn your trust. The journey continues.

I have attached my moderator report for the October 23rd AGM, that will give some further context, as well the financial story and related appendices.

While there will be an opportunity to respond in person at the AGM, I’d also appreciate any comments you have on these documents. If you have specific questions about the numbers, please contact Bertha Dyck our CFO at bertha.dyck@mbchurches.ca.


Bruce Enns
CCMBC Moderator




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James D Giesbrecht November 22, 2019 - 4:07 pm

I love it when a pie in the sky plan, using other people’s money, made up by people with direct links to god doesn’t come together. One of the best decisions I made was to leave Richmond Bethel in the early 80’s when the elders told the church members “we’re in charge now” I love it because I have wasted very little time and money and brain power trying to help others achieve their goals and have instead achieved some of my own. For those of you still there you can still leave, nothing is going to change.
Jim Giesbrecht


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