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February update from Resourcing Churches Developing Leaders

by CCMBC Communications

Leaders2Learners launch

The website, www.leaders2learners.ca (L2L), is expected to launch in February. It is being designed by Resourcing Churches Developing Leaders service team (formerly Leadership Development).

Through a variety of tools, L2Lwill provide leaders and pastors with the technology to eliminate geographic separation and to develop, strengthen and sustain relationships.

L2L is an online learning community and social networking website that offers assessment, coaching, resources and online learning opportunities for leaders and ministry teams in the areas of spiritual renewal, theological enrichment and skill development (life skills and ministry skills).

L2L can help meet ministry needs through creating greater awareness of existing resources. Users will be encouraged to post new resources in a variety of languages. This will increase the availability of resources for leaders and ministry teams from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Small Group Ministry Conference

Resourcing Churches and Developing Leaders has partnered with Ministry Lift to make the upcoming Small Group Ministry Conference, February 28 – March 1 (8:30am – 4:30pm, PDT, both days) available for free via live-streaming to all MB leaders and churches.

The overall theme for the conference is taking your small group ministry to the next level. The first day, Friday, is geared for those who oversee small group ministries. Friday will focus on biblical community and approaches to small group ministry. Saturday’s sessions are designed for current and prospective small group leaders and will help participants sharpen their skills for leading effective small groups.

Click here to register. Indicate CCMBC as the registered denomination.

Please note that even though we registered as a denomination, individual members still need to register for the conference although they will not have to pay.

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