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Executive board takes a long view for 2012

by Roger Villeneuve

Winnipeg, Man. – The executive board of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches is reviewing its missional options as it moves into the year 2012.

Meeting in late October, board members discussed the mission statement of the MB churches of Canada and current suggestions that the statement be updated and revised.

The central focus of a statement, said moderator Paul Loewen, is the commitment by MBs to reach Canada with the good news of Jesus Christ. Board members discussed the accomplishments of the past year and considered what the Canadian conference can do in the context of the larger church (inter-denominationally), especially relative to resources, personnel, and programs.

The board also reviewed strategic issues to be dealt with at its January meeting, especially the proposal to harmonize the work of the executive board and the board of faith and life (BFL) to facilitate more functional collaboration on initiatives. From a strategic standpoint, Loewen said, thats really important. He, along with BFL chair Brian Cooper and executive director Willy Reimer provided a report to both boards on possibilities for greater collaboration.

Loewen said both boards share the vision to reach the rest of Canada with the gospel. One of the ways this vision is already being evidenced by development of the C2C Network (national church planting, led by Gord Fleming), and by the increased interest and commitment on the part of provincial conferences who are either interested or have already joined forces in this national initiative.

The executive board also discussed the Mennonite Central Committees New Wineskins proposals to bring the relief and development organization more intentionally alongside its participating denominations. The board decided to continue its relationship with MCC Canada with a hope to increase MB values and voice, reversing MCC’s earlier drift from MB orthodoxy said Loewen. He said MCC is currently gathering input from its constituencies.

The executive board meeting was held prior to the start of the Canadian conference 2011 Study Conference in Kitchener, Ont..

-a Canadian Conference of MB Churches news release

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