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CMBS director hits the road in veggie mobile

by CCMBC Communications

Recycling campaigns in Canadian cities encourage us to be responsible consumers in our homes and offices. But Jon Isaak, director of the Centre of MB Studies (CMBS) at the Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMBC) in Winnipeg, takes recycling to the next level. Before it was popular to be eco-friendly, Isaak converted a wrecker-bound 1979 VW Rabbit to run on used vegetable oil for theological, ecological and economical reasons.

This weekend (Sept. 2011), Isaak and his wife, Mary Anne (pastor at River East MB Church in Winnipeg) plan to drive their affectionately dubbed, veggie mobile to northern Manitoba, where the CMBS director will connect with MB pastors and preach at Thompson Christian Centre Fellowship (MB), while his wife speaks at a womens retreat at Simonhouse Bible Camp.

Isaak estimates the 1,600 kilometre round-trip will use approximately 95 litres (or 25 gallons) of vegetable oil, the kind he picks up weekly at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant in exchange for a take-out order. And, since he collects more vegetable oil than he can use for his car, he donates 16 litres each week to a local organization for their converted boilers and vehicles as a way to offset carbon emissions that he and his family produce in daily life. For Isaak, contributing a carbon-offset is something he can do to make a difference in the community.

As for the future: the couple plans to take the veggie mobile from Winnipeg to Kitchener, Ont. for CCMBCs study conference at the end of October.

Curious to know more? A follow-up story with pictures will appear on the homepage soon.

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