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Church provides nutrient for the soul

by Staff

Photo: Pastor Greeley, lead pastor at The Well, with his wife Suzanne and their children, Charis and Jacob. (Photo by Steve Greene)

“Wells are symbolic in scripture,” says Adam Greeley, lead pastor of The Well church plant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. “As the site of chance meetings, social interactions, and transformational encounters, a well is the setting of many Biblical stories. After all, wells give water, which is the most important nutrient for the body, just as the church provides something equally important to the soul.”

When Greeley and his wife Suzanne moved to Dartmouth, it was not initially to plant a church. Greeley was already employed at another church in a different portion of the Halifax Regional Municipality and explains that prejudices exist against the Dartmouth area. “Dartmouth is referred to as the ‘dark side,’ he says, “it has more crime than Halifax, it’s not as developed as Halifax, it’s just a highly stigmatized area.”

Greeley has been a Christian since 2004, and he found the call to pastor, and then to “step further and plant a church” to be a “wrestling with God”. Still, both he and his wife felt called to the area through prayer and the affirmation of their friends and mentors.

“We really want to be part of a church that’s invested in its community,” says Greeley. “We want to be part of a parish model of church … not just going to church for a Sunday experience. [For us] the worship gathering is a celebration of what is actually taking place in our community.” He says this integration is something he has been searching for throughout his Christian journey.

The Well is a church intent on collaborating and cooperating with other churches in the community, assuming a “humble stature” in such relationships. They meet every Sunday afternoon in Dartmouth’s First Baptist Church, and hold engagement meetings for aspiring leaders every second Tuesday.

The Well and Pastor Greeley request prayer for the following:

  • That disciples will be called to spiritual leadership with the church. “The mandate of the church is always making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ who make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ,” says Greeley. “We need people feeling called to give of themselves who aren’t pastors.”
  • Currently, Greeley is only at 66 percent salary, which results in financial strain for himself and his family. He requests prayer as he pursues several financial options and looks to balance his spiritual calling with the realities of his finances.

Paul Esau is a communications intern with CCMBC and the MB Herald.

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