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Changes in leadership development

by Roger Villeneuve

The Leadership Development department has changed its name to Resourcing Churches and Developing Leaders (RCDL).

The change in department name reflects the action-oriented nature of the department. The new name places an emphasis on church development and the support that the department offers churches. Stewardship representatives are now a part of this department. RCDL is a title under which stewardship, leadership development, and church health can flourish.

New initiatives to be launched

The RCDL department will be launching new initiatives in the coming months. One is Leaders2Learners (L2L), an online community website that will provide learning opportunities for leaders and ministry teams in the areas of spiritual renewal, theological enrichment and skill development (life skills and ministry skills). L2L users will be encouraged to post resources in a variety of languages, increasing the availability of resources for leaders and ministry teams from diverse backgrounds. The website is expected to launch in early 2014.

Coach Me/Coach Us Assesssment
Through the initiative Coach Me/Coach Us assessment, leaders and churches will identify where they are in terms of their developmental journey. Together with RCDL staff, prayerful discernment will lead to the design of a coaching arrangement that fits the needs of the leaders and churches. RCDL is committed to ensuring every leader who desires a coach/mentor will receive one.

Coach Training
RCDL’s mandate is to support MB church leaders in reaching Canada with the good news of Jesus Christ and disciple them in churches on mission. A Christian coaching model, COACH – Connect, Outcome, Awareness, Choices, Highlights – will be used to engage in ongoing conversations with leaders to empower them to fully live out God’s calling. The first gathering of leaders to be trained in applying COACH to their ministry contexts will occur December 3-4.

Camp Ministries Directors gathering
Directors of Christian camps connected to the MB conference will gather October 7-9 to develop relationships, resource and serve one another, and pray together. The event will highlight best practices for developing young women and men to be godly in their camp ministry roles. Discussion of how churches and camps can partner in the development of young leaders will also occur.

Presidents Network gathering
Presidents from the MB colleges, university, and seminary across Canada will come together October 18-19 for a network meeting. The goals are to connect, provide mutual support, and understand the opportunities and challenges in the areas where each institution is located. This is the second gathering of this kind; the first occurred in May 2013.

Another RCDL initiative, Windjammer, is an experiential learning opportunity that teaches participants that living generously brings tremendous joy, freedom, and fulfillment. The video series “The Genius of Generosity” is paired with Windjammer resources. Together these tools offer a reminder that generosity is a choice that flows from the heart. Stewardship representatives received training in Windjammer in September.

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