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Call for submissions: What is God saying to us?

by Ingrid Reichard

Followers of Christ in Canada have never before faced a challenge like the one we are facing today. The challenge of following Jesus, not as the ecclesia, the gathered church, but following Jesus, as only the scattered church. With the many losses that we experience in this time, many are also sensing a great opportunity, a gift of being in the wilderness where we can re-evaluate what really matters and perhaps reimagine the Church.

Many in our family are already hearing from God in powerful and transformative ways, and we feel it crucial that we not lose these words from God to us in this season. Rather, we desire to capture as a community what God is saying to us, share it with one another and find ways to respond to God together.

Therefore, the National Faith and Life team is asking our pastors, our church leadership teams, elders, ministry teams, children’s ministry teams, faculty and staff in our colleges and seminary, our missionaries who are at home or still abroad to come together around the question How has God spoken to us in this day? What is God saying to us? And perhaps what invitation are we sensing from God to this family of believers? You can send in scripture passages that are prominent in your thought these days, words that God’s spirit has imprinted on you, images or pictures, or just the sense of what God is saying to your community.

We desire these submissions to be a community-processed and community-vetted experience of God as much as possible. And therefore, we’re asking our leaders to provide opportunities for all in their congregations or teams to be able to contribute. The National Faith and Life team will look after curating all this input and we’ll find a way to share it.

So we encourage you to take time to stop and to listen to God and to please submit your input to the National Faith and Life Team through the home page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with me directly. And I, along with you, trust that God is working for the good of his Church, that this trial is not meant to harm us. Rather, it is meant to refine and strengthen us. I look forward to the treasure of your experiences as you pay attention to the voice of our Triune God in this season. I pray much grace, much peace on you, your families, and your ministry.

Ingrid Reichard,
National Faith and Life director

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