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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Church Bulletin

by CCMBC Communications
   file-legal1) Make it history:

A ministry of CCMBC, the Centre for MB Studies (CMBS) resources MB churches for the mission of God that we all share. One of the ways the Centre tells past and present stories of the MB community on mission is by preserving and maintaining historical records of churches, schools and people. Please consider sending your weekly church bulletins, annual reports and special general meeting reports to archives@mbchurches.ca for preservation.




2) Go eco-friendlly (& save money!):

Consider emailing an electronic copy of your bulletin so members have it on their smartphones Sunday morning. You can do this by attaching a pdf, or by putting the content in the body of the message. Look into signing up for an email service which allows you to schedule the bulletin an hour before the service. Check out Forest Grove’s digital bulletin as an example.

This would allow you to reduce recycling/trash and the cost of ink and paper. But, please do keep printing some bulletins for those who might not want an electronic version or have access to a smart phone!



3) Share opportunities to connect with the community:

Whether within the church community or the town/city, list ways your members can engage with the people around them. Artisan Church adds a list of opportunities both within and outside of the church at the very end of their bulletin/newsletter. Fort Garry MB shares their local serving opportunities with an entirely separate insert.



4) Become bilingual/multilingual:

It’s likely that not everyone in your church is completely fluent in English. King Road noticed the main languages spoken in their congregation and created two bulletins (English and German versions). Even just adding translations to the most important bulletin points ensures everyone gets the message, helping everyone feel included.


paint5) Make it easy to read AND look good:

Some may think it’s a waste of time to fiddle with boxed sections, colour, and clip art, but it’s actually useful! An eye-catching design (like Fort Garry MB’s seasonal feel) will draw your members into reading the words. Or a simple strategy like Bakerview’s boxed sections not only organizes the information but makes it “clippable” for future use, whether an event announcement or a prayer request. Organization and creativity will make your bulletin both easier and more fun to read.


person-profile-pic6) Welcome newcomers:

Being new to a church is unfortunately sort of like being the new kid at school. It can be awkward, confusing, and sometimes tough to make new friends especially if you’re not exactly a social butterfly. Jericho Ridge uses their bulletin to both welcome and inform new attenders with a dedicated “Are you new here?” section.

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Rudy Hiebert September 22, 2016 - 6:09 pm

#2. mentions using words ie. “digital” and “electronic” which leads me to the topic of using email in some fashion to communicate bulletin content and announcements. The “white Tsunami” is coming with vengeance and therefore I hope such means of communication will not lose the waves of seniors who have not accomplished and are still refusing to use the tools that have evolved to communicate information. I realize that #6. is valid because I have come across people who saw something on the web about our church and were therefore curious to make a visit to our church on a Sunday.


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