A monthly snapshot of our current financial position. These metrics reflect April YTD transactions posted as of April 30, 2020. Send questions and comments to FAQ@mbchurches.ca.

Year-to-date Income (Actual v. Budget)

CCMBC is currently $ 106,881 short of year-to-date budgeted income


  1. One-stream funding from provincial conferences is approximately 50% of the YTD budget. ($55,018.50 of intended support has been received in May, 2020, which would bring it up to 64% of budget).
  2. Provincial Conference Support is $196,684 below budget while Other Revenue is $89,803 greater than budget.

Year-to-date Expenses (Actual v. Budget)

CCMBC is currently $63,507 above year-to-date budgeted expenses.


  1. Collaborative Model: Includes prepaid insurance of $11,770.
  2. MB Church Planting: $75,267.25 of the over budget expense is offset by unbudgeted, designated donations in Other Revenue.
  3. MB Family Partner Support: $30,101.34 of the over budget expenses is offset by unbudgeted, designated donations in Other Revenue.

Year-to-date Expenses by Category


  1. Collaborative Model includes National Director, National Faith and Life Team, National Ministry Team, National Assembly, National Assembly Executive, and the Centre for MB Studies.
  2. MB family partner support includes ICOMB, MB Seminary, ETEQ, MB Historical Commission, and the Leadership Training Matching Grant.