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A statement against violence

by CCMBC Communications

Along with Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and Jewish communities everywhere, we grieve the loss of human life, particularly in violation of a space of worship.

We believe that the evil and inhumane nature of violence is contrary to the gospel of love and peace. (Article 13)

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Rudy Hiebert October 29, 2018 - 12:06 am

As an M.B. and a Jesus Follower, I don’t claim to know all about violence or how I should relate but the recent tragedy in Pittsburgh got me thinking and searching for an answer. Firstly, I read this – https://blog.faithlife.com/blog/2015/08/how-should-christians-respond-to-violence/ Mennonite author, Rudy Wiebe and I’m sure others would concur that our heritage has instilled in our DNA that generally when faced a decision to respond to threats of violence against people like us we have three choices: flee, change or die. Our forefathers that were fortunate to escape with their lives to this country and the ones to the south, have passed on their values of being peace makers. On the other hand the price to be paid for that will suddenly change from a mere choice to a necessity. In conclusion, I have to ask, will that include using lethal force to protect that right to make peace or else?


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