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2016 Church Transformation Survey Results

by CCMBC Communications

The results for the second Church Transformation Survey have been received and the results tallied. In this second year of the survey, we had 150 churches participate (about 61% of our 245 churches, up slightly from the 144 last year).  Our sincere thanks to all the pastors and church leaders who completed it.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Church Transformation Survey is to track the impact and use of CCMBC initiatives toward our goal of multiplying Christ-centred churches to see Canada transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.  To do this, we look at the transformation of our churches in three areas: Life Transformation, Church Transformation and World Transformation.  Remember, we are not evaluating the performance of individual churches, so all data are presented in aggregated form for confidentiality.

With two years of data now, we can begin to measure change over time.  There were 100 churches that filled out the survey in both 2015 and 2016, and these 100 churches provide the best sample for measuring change over time.  We also now have a combined sample of 193 different churches who filled out the survey in at least one of the two years.  This combined sample represents nearly 79% of our churches, which is best sample for looking at overall averages.  So, for the 2016 Church Transformation Survey, we will be presenting results for a) change over time using 100 churches who completed the survey both years and b) national averages using the combined sample of 193 different churches.

The Church Transformation Survey Results 2016 provides summary graphs comparing 2015, 2016 and the 2 year data. Results (aggregated by province) have already been made available to your provincial conference leaders.  The Measurement Committee Report on Church Transformation Survey 2016 contains a brief commentary about the results. The actual survey data from just 2016 is contained in the CCMBC Church Survey Data 2016.

Finally, we ask for your participation each year.  We need more churches to complete the survey consistently each year to have the best measure of movement toward our mission!

Sam Reimer, for the Executive Board

(former chair of the Measurement Committee)


Read more about the Transformation Survey 2016 results on the MB Herald website here.

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