September 2017 Video Update

“The story of Mennonites in Canada over the last 150 years is quite a remarkable one. We came with very little in hand, and through the blessing of God, we have received much. About 50 years ago, the stewardship of those resources began to be a very practical conversation that we had with each other, and pooling of those resources enabled us to begin to provide mortgages to churches and to pastors and their families.”

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August 2017 Video Update

“Coming up, we are looking forward to a really important event this fall, November 1–3. We’re going to be gathering in Abbotsford, British Columbia, at Northview Community Church. And our primary reason to gather is to have this EQUIP 2017 opportunity to talk about discipleship – transformative discipleship.”

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Video Update with Bruce Enns and Steve Berg – May 2017

“We’ve just come through Executive Board meetings, you and I. Just a few minutes ago, we finished in this very room. So, why is it that we’re meeting, Bruce? What is your sense about why it’s important that the Executive Board and BFL are together on a regular basis?”

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August 2016

“Hi everyone! I’m Willy Reimer, Executive Director of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. We’ve just wrapped up Gathering 2016 in Toronto. And you can hear the noise in the background as people still mingle about, as friends are saying goodbye after being together here for the last couple of days in Toronto.”

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July 2016

“For years, we’ve been praying that God would move in new and dynamic ways across Canada. We know from history that prior to any of the Great Awakenings, prior to any of the great movements of God around the world – where God suddenly moved and people responded and people came to Christ or their faith was renewed – we know from history and from the writings of people like Dr. J. Edwin Orr that those revivals were proceeded by incredible times of prayer.”

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February 2016


As we enter into 2016, I think we’re all aware of the kind of world that we live in and the challenges that we face. We hear the stories from around the world of different acts of terrorism, and even here at home, we have events like the recent shooting up in La Loche, northern Saskatchewan. Events that break our hearts, events that remind us of the need for the gospel to be preached and lived out across this country.

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July 2015 Video Update

Willy Reimer Video Update – July 2015 from CCMBC on Vimeo.

“This summer, I invite you to reflect on the following questions: What is your theology of success and how does that apply to your life as a Christ follower? How does it apply to your professional life? How does it apply to your ministry life?” says CCMBC executive director Willy Reimer.

The book Willy Reimer refers to in this video is entitled Pursuing God’s Will Together: A Discernment Practice for Leadership Groups by Ruth Haley Barton.

Celebrate Easter!

“He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying” (Matthew 28:6)

The Canadian Conference of MB Churches wishes you all a happy Easter! “I was baptized on Easter 1980,” says executive director Willy Reimer, “and that event cemented Easter for me in such a personal and powerful way.  I invite you all to celebrate – wildly – God’s great gift of his Son Jesus Christ!”

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April 2015 Video Update – Happy Easter

“I absolutely love Easter. Easter is such a significant time of the year, for obvious reasons, as Christ followers. It’s a highlight of our church year, our church calendar.

But even more so than that, personally, I find it so incredibly significant. I’m overwhelmed by the sacrifice of Christ on Friday. Every year it just strikes me so personally. Jesus reached down into the muck and mire of my life and saved me from my sin; he saved me from the things that I was struggling with – that I was marked by – and gave me a new identity as his child. Easter 1980 was when I was baptized. That event cemented Easter for me in such a personal and powerful way.

And Easter Sunday, of course, is Resurrection Sunday. It’s the day we celebrate the reality of the risen Lord; it’s the day we celebrate defeat over death, which has personal applications for every Christ follower. We then have the power – because of the defeat over death – to live out the joy of what Christ did for us on the cross.

So, this Easter season, on behalf of our team from coast to coast, I just want to wish you all the best this Easter. I invite you to celebrate wildly God’s great gift of Jesus Christ his Son. Happy Easter.”

-Willy Reimer