Invitation to Gathering 2018

Steve Berg and Bruce Enns would like to invite you to Gathering 2018!

Gathering is taking place July 11-14, 2018 at Forest Grove Community Church in Saskatoon, SK. Early bird registration is open until April 30 at

March 2018 Video Update


The Canadian Conference of MB Churches invites applications for the position of National Staff Leader. Please take a moment to watch Steve Berg’s March video update in which he introduces this new position. All interested applicants should submit a resume and an expression of interest by April 1, 2018.

See the full job posting here:


For a full transcript of the video, click here.

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Intro to the new Collaborative Model

Designed by the One Mission Partnership Task Force, this ministry model is based on trends revealed in the National Survey, which the Executive Board conducted December 1-31, 2017. Our desire is to be one unified conference with one approach to equipping and resourcing churches towards our Mission of multiplying disciples and churches to see Canada Transformed by the Good news of Jesus.

Please take some time to watch the video above as it further explains this new collaborative model.

Remembering Billy Graham

After the 1981 Billy Graham Crusade in Calgary, Highland MB Church had 50 names to follow up with.

The crusade was “the experience of a lifetime,” said pastor Abe Block…. The excitement will continue at Highland “as we really dig in and make these people feel welcome in our church.”

In light of Billy Graham’s passing yesterday we thought we’d share this MB Herald article from our archives. Read the whole article here.


2017 National Survey – Results

Working together with the 6 provincial conferences and MB ministry partners, the CCMBC Executive Board authorized a national survey to be conducted from December 1-31, 2017. The online survey included 21 questions plus 9 demographic questions. Email notifications were distributed by the provincial conferences to all MB churches and notices were posted on the various conference web sites. Churches were also asked to invite their members to participate in the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to review our conference relationships and structures. The survey was developed with input from all organizations that are mentioned in the survey, i.e. provincial conferences, national conference, BFL, CCMBC Legacy, C2C, MB Mission, camps, CBC, CMU, ETEQ and MB Seminary. The survey results are available below and will be discussed at the provincial and national conventions in 2018.

We are grateful to the people who took time to provide feedback. The information collected has been very insightful and has helped the Executive Board in its discernment.

February 2018 Video Update

A word from Steve and Bruce while at Multiply Conference

“Well, we’re here on location in downtown Vancouver at Westside Church at Multiply Conference and hearing again incredible stories and the challenge for the mission of multiplying Christ-centred churches in Canada for the transformation of our country.”

For a full transcript of the video, click here.

To watch the full video click the screen shot above, or click here.

Seeking Executive Board Members

In preparation for Gathering 2018, CCMBC is seeking candidates for several vacant positions on the Executive Board. A full description of a volunteer board profile and description are available on request along with an application and reference forms required. If you are a believing, baptized member of a Canadian MB Church with the interest and commitment to listening, wanting to understand what God is saying to our Canadian MB family and working towards unity of the body, you are encouraged to make your interest known by providing your name and church to Marilyn Hiebert, Chair of CCMBC Nominating Committee at, or your Provincial Moderator or designate on the Executive Board.

Positions to be voted in at Gathering 2018:

  • Assistant Moderator: 2 year term
  • Secretary: 2 year term
  • Member at Large: 4 year term
  • Member at large, Legacy: 4 year term

Upcoming Provincial Events

Mark your calendars – convention season is coming up!


ONMB Pastors & Leaders Day

February 23, 2018
Behta Darya Community Church, Mississauga, Ontario

ONMB Convention

February 23-24, 2018
Behta Darya Community Church, Mississauga, Ontario

More details at:


MBCM Assembly

March 2-3, 2018
Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Manitoba

More details at:

MBCM Pastor & Spouse Retreat

May 27-29, 2018
Hecla, Manitoba


SKMB Assembly

March 9-10, 2018
Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

More details at:


AEFMQ Convention


April 7, 2018
ETEQ, Montreal, Quebec

More details at:


ABMB Convention

April 13-14, 2018
Bethel Eritrean Evangelical Church, Edmonton, Alberta

More details at:


BCMB Convention

April 27-28, 2018
North Langley Community Church, Langley, B.C.

BCMB Pastor & Spouse Retreat

April 29-May 1, 2018
Whistler, B.C.

More details at:

November 2017 Video Update

“Well, we want to greet all of you in the MB family of Canada. We’re here at Northview Community Church and we’re in the middle of our EQUIP 2017 conference. I don’t know about you, Bruce, but I just came out of a really rich table Bible study, and our presenter Darrell Johnson was introducing for us the Beatitudes and was talking about the fact that when we say blessed, it’s really God who is blessed when we enter into the Kingdom by becoming the kind of person the Beatitudes describes. We had this rich conversation about that.”

For a full transcript of the video, click here.

To watch the full video, click here.