New publication to replace MB Herald

UPDATE – MB Herald was kept in print, but was reduced from 12 issues per year to 6 per year.

May 11, 2015

WINNIPEG—The goal of the Canadian conference is to build a communications strategy that is increasingly mission-focused, strengthens partnerships with provincial conferences and reaches as broad an audience as possible.

Sensing a call to communicate in new ways, conference leadership has announced that, as of December 2015, the MB Herald will be replaced by a new print initiative that will be developed with our provincial and national ministry partners to rally churches around our mission to “multiply Christ-centred churches to see Canada transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.”

“We want to build off a strong past while embracing new opportunities to engage all generations in God’s mission locally, nationally and internationally,” says CCMBC executive director Willy Reimer.

“We know we will publish a new print piece in 2016,” says Reimer, “and are discerning how to facilitate other types of conversations around things such as theology, cultural issues and family news. Our goal is to deliver excellent communication with high impact, regardless of platform.

“For example, CCMBC has utilized several new communication delivery systems over the past year, including GMMiTV, which allows local churches and provinces the ability to livestream, record or simulcast events.”

As well, like many other denominations, the Canadian conference needs to find ways to live within new financial realities. Changes to government requirements for magazine funding have made it likely the Herald would soon be ineligible to receive the grant money that supported print publishing in the past. CCMBC has also experienced a downturn in deposit fund transfers to ministry due to lower returns and increased finance costs, as well as the need for greater church support, all of which have led to reduced ministry budgets.

For these reasons, the Herald – and any subsequent magazine – will operate on a bimonthly production schedule. This means the next issue readers can expect to see in their mailboxes is the August issue, followed by October and December. Space will be set aside in the remaining three issues of the Herald to remember and celebrate 54 years of ministry

UPDATE – MB Herald was kept in print, but was reduced from 12 issues per year to 6 per year.