CCMBC release – 2017 SGM meeting documents

The agenda and related documents for the business portion of the CCMBC Special General Meeting are now available for download below.

We encourage you to download the materials for review prior to the meeting. The majority of this material will not be reprinted as handouts at the meeting as we will be referencing the digital copies that have been made available.

For more information on the event visit the Equip Study Conference website.

Agenda SGM 2017

SGM 2017 Notice of Motions

C2C MB Mission Merger May 2017

Consolidated Financial Statement of CCMBC

2016 Financial Statements of CCMBC Stewardship

2016 Financial Statements of CCMBC Pension Plan

2016 Summary Financial Report

2016 Actuals Report

2016 Summarized Statement

CCMBC and Legacy Budget Commentary

CCMBC Proposed Budget 2018 Overview

CCMBC Proposed Budget 2018 Details

Legacy Proposed Budget 2018

NEW C2C Oct 2017 Metrics


September 2017 Video Update

“The story of Mennonites in Canada over the last 150 years is quite a remarkable one. We came with very little in hand, and through the blessing of God, we have received much. About 50 years ago, the stewardship of those resources began to be a very practical conversation that we had with each other, and pooling of those resources enabled us to begin to provide mortgages to churches and to pastors and their families.”

For a full transcript of the video, click here.

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