November 2017 Video Update

“Well, we want to greet all of you in the MB family of Canada. We’re here at Northview Community Church and we’re in the middle of our EQUIP 2017 conference. I don’t know about you, Bruce, but I just came out of a really rich table Bible study, and our presenter Darrell Johnson was introducing for us the Beatitudes and was talking about the fact that when we say blessed, it’s really God who is blessed when we enter into the Kingdom by becoming the kind of person the Beatitudes describes. We had this rich conversation about that.”

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October 13 Conference Call Audio

Click here to listen to the conference call from June 16.



On Friday, October 13, there will be a 90 minute conference call that all MB church attenders are invited to participate in, as first announced in the email release of the SGM documents. The purpose of the call is to answer questions regarding the SGM agenda and motions which may include topics such as the proposed 2018 budget, MB Herald subscriptions, the transition to Legacy or others.

The call will be held at 9 am (PST) and will begin with the moderator of the call introducing presenters Steve Berg, (Executive Director), Jim Davidson (CFO), Howie Wall (Finance Committee Chair), Michael Dick (Executive Board Assistant Moderator) and Executive Board Moderator Bruce Enns providing an introduction to the call. This will be followed by a Q&A.

The Q&A format will allow participants to enter a question queue. The operator will give instructions on how to enter the queue before the call begins. As the participant’s turn comes up they must provide their name, their church, to whom they are addressing the question and then their question. They will then be muted (to maintain sound quality) and the question will be answered. If a participant has more than one question they will have to re-enter the queue.

To participate in the call, you may use the numbers listed below. Once dialed, you will be greeted by an operator saying that you are joining the CCMBC Conference Call and will be asked your name and what church you attend, followed by the instructions for entering the queue.

The company providing the service is called Chorus Call.

Canada/USA Toll Free: 1-800-319-4610
Calgary Toll: +1-403-351-0324
Montreal Toll: +1-514-375-0364
Toronto Toll: +1-416-915-3239
Vancouver Toll: +1-604-638-5340
Callers should dial in 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and simply ask to join the call.

Please share this information with your church congregation to ensure all are aware of the opportunity and have the instructions.

CCMBC release – 2017 SGM meeting documents

The agenda and related documents for the business portion of the CCMBC Special General Meeting are now available for download below.

We encourage you to download the materials for review prior to the meeting. The majority of this material will not be reprinted as handouts at the meeting as we will be referencing the digital copies that have been made available.

For more information on the event visit the Equip Study Conference website.

Agenda SGM 2017

SGM 2017 Notice of Motions

C2C MB Mission Merger May 2017

Consolidated Financial Statement of CCMBC

2016 Financial Statements of CCMBC Stewardship

2016 Financial Statements of CCMBC Pension Plan

2016 Summary Financial Report

2016 Actuals Report

2016 Summarized Statement

CCMBC and Legacy Budget Commentary

CCMBC Proposed Budget 2018 Overview

CCMBC Proposed Budget 2018 Details

Legacy Proposed Budget 2018

NEW C2C Oct 2017 Metrics


August 2017 Video Update

“Coming up, we are looking forward to a really important event this fall, November 1–3. We’re going to be gathering in Abbotsford, British Columbia, at Northview Community Church. And our primary reason to gather is to have this EQUIP 2017 opportunity to talk about discipleship – transformative discipleship.”

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July 2017 Video Update

“We’ve just spent two days of very rich prayer, conversation and dialogue together with many of our MB leaders from across Canada – 50 plus people that were together. The whole purpose of being together is because we collectively have a sense that the Spirit of God is moving in such a powerful way in Canada and for Canada, around the proclamation of the gospel in so many different ways.”

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Sensing a growing spirit of partnership, over 50 Canadian MB leaders were invited by CCMBC to a Leaders Summit June 21-22, 2017, in Cedar Springs, Wash. The participants included Provincial Conference Ministers, some members of the BFL and Executive Board, as well as selected staff from educational institutes, MB Mission and CCMBC (includes L2L and C2C). It was a wide cross-section from across Canada. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways that our MB organizations could collaborate to achieve “One Mission: local, national, global”. The discussions revealed a number of areas where our organizations get stuck, but also identified ways of moving forward together. A task force is being formed to continue these conversations about collaborating on mission.

Church Transformation Survey 2017

Once again, the provincial and national conferences are partnering together in tracking transformation within our MB Churches through our annual survey tool. This survey helps us to gain a better understanding of how we can equip and support churches across Canada as we join together on mission. The survey will show us common areas of need as well as effective ministry across the country. Our hope is to use the information we receive to shape ministry resourcing efforts and the strategic allocation of ministry development resources.

We hope you are familiar with some of the 2016 results reported in the MB Herald and on the web site. Here are a couple links to the reports on the 2016 Transformation Survey:

Results of the 2017 Transformation Survey will be posted later this year.

For churches and pastors:

We would love to have all of our MB churches participate in the survey this year. The survey should be completed by the lead pastor with elder input and will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. We would greatly appreciate your support by completing this survey by June 30th.

If your church has not yet completed the survey, click here to do so.
This survey is now closed.

2017 Week of Prayer Guide



















The 2017 Week of Prayer guide is now available!


A few ideas of how to utilize the Week of Prayer guide:

  • use it as part of your devotional or small group time
  • post it on your church website
  • email it to your church contact list
  • plan prayer meetings during that week, either as a whole church or in groups
  • incorporate it in the church sermon
  • connect with others across Canada using the hashtag #CdnMBpray

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