A two-phase revitalization process for leaders and local churches, emphasizing both personal and corporate renewal.

ReFocusing is not merely about strategic planning and ambitious goals – it is about people and churches taking time to stop, listen to God, and surrender to his call.

It is a spiritually rooted process resulting in individuals and congregations finding purpose, passion and peace in living their lives for Christ.

Our goal is to strengthen leaders and churches through ReFocusing processes that lead to personal renewal for leaders and strategic focus for churches.

Leaders need personal renewal

Somewhere between the list of unfinished tasks and the tyranny of the urgent is God’s vision and call on a leader’s life and church. There wasn’t a lack of vision when this job started, but now the sense of mission is getting buried beneath a myriad of demands. It’s time to refocus. There is a need to process and hear a fresh call from God – to surrender to God’s voice again.

Congregations need corporate renewal

Churches also come to crossroads, find themselves at a plateau in their development, or get bogged down in busyness. They need to rediscover God’s calling and to reposition their ministries for greater future effectiveness.

A two-phase process

ReFocusing is a two-phase revitalization process for a local church. In phase one, pastors and congregational leaders experience personal renewal as they clarify their calling and surrender afresh to God’s rule in their lives. In phase two, leaders gain an understanding of God’s calling on their church through a series of summits. Leaders discover God’s unique shaping in the history of the church, clarify the church’s values, and gain a greater understanding of its community context. Vision is crystallized and a clear ministry direction that matches the congregation’s unique shaping is identified.

The benefits of ReFocusing

  • Pastors and leaders gain clarity in their personal calling.
  • Pastors and leaders learn to lead the church by listening to God.
  • Local churches gain a heart for God and the people God loves.
  • Local churches gain strategic focus.

How to participate in ReFocusing

For more information, or to participate in ReFocusing, contact L2L.

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