Assistance for small churches to attend national events

The Canadian conference continues with a program to assist smaller churches with restricted income to attend national events (Gathering and Study Conference). This program is one example of our continued efforts to foster community in the conference.

A pastor plus one leader will be offered “free” registration for Gathering or Study Conference events when they meet the following criteria:

  • Church contributes to Conference Ministry Support Fund (CMSF)
  • Membership less than 75
  • Annual receipted gifts (CRA reporting) do not exceed $200,000
  • Church is not receiving other funding from the Conference (e.g. emerging church)

Registrants are responsible for their own accommodations and travel costs.

The Canadian conference hopes to increase attendance at national events where participants will network with the larger MB church family and become familiar with the many resources and ministries the conference offers.

Pastors and/or leaders of smaller churches interested in attending Gathering or Study Conference events should register for the event by completing and sending the completed event registration form along with the completed Funding for Small Churches Registration Form before the registration deadlines for the event.

Send completed registration forms by:

  • By Fax: 1-204-654-1865
  • By Mail: CCMBC Events, 1310 Taylor Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 3Z6

For more information about Funding Assistance for Small Churches to Attend National Events please call Michelle Penner at 1-888-669-6575 or email

For more information about CCMBC events visit

Click here to download this information form.