Study Conference 2005- Women in Ministry Leadership

Gathering 2006 Resolution: Implications for our conference
Posted Sep. 25, 2006

Delegates discussed and voted on the resolution concerning women in ministry leadership at Gathering 2006 in Calgary. Once the biblical basis of an issue is determined, the churches are then challenged to apply the implications within their own settings in light of their mission and purposes.

Board of Faith and Life Women in Ministry Leadership Resolution
Posted Mar. 15, 2006

It is evident that individuals and congregations practice a diversity of convictions based on different interpretations of Scripture as it regards the church’s freedom to call women to serve in ministry and pastoral leadership. On this non-confessional issue, the Board of Faith and Life recommends that the Conference bless each member church in its own discernment of Scripture, conviction and practice to call and affirm gifted men and women to serve in ministry and pastoral leadership.

A Word from the BFL
Posted Mar. 15, 2006

The Mennonite Brethren journey towards freeing women for ministry.

Ecclesiological aspects for the women in ministry leadership discussion
Posted Sep. 29, 2005

The script read and verbally expanded upon by Menno Martens, BFL representative from Saskatchewan, and David Wiebe, Executive Director of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, at the June 2005 retreat of the Board of Faith and Life.

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Posted Jun. 30, 2005

Posted Jun. 30, 2005