Study Conference 2003- Rite and Pilgrimage

Baptism and church membership

A study conference on baptism and church membership

The Purpose of a Study Conference

The Mennonite Brethren are a confessional people. As such, we continually seek to hear what God is saying to us. Five hundred years ago, the Anabaptists determined four ways that they could discern the will of God: through Scripture; through the life of Christ; through the voice of the Holy Spirit who resides in each believer; and through the discerning community of faith.

We believe the community of faith working together – such as at a study conference – and guided by the Holy Spirit and the Word, forms a community hermeneutic. That is, we interpret Scripture and choose a direction together. We hope to uphold our Confession of Faith, yet consider the challenge of variant practice in this issue.

The study conference on Baptism and Membership was held in spring of 2004 at the Canadian Mennonite University campus. The papers and responses presented are still available for perusal at the links below.

The Papers

Baptism and membership . . . an alternative perspective
by David Falk

Affirmation by Bruce Enns
Critique by Vidya J. Narimalla

The church without spot or wrinkle
by Walter Unger

Affirmation by Gerry Ediger
Critique by Bruce L. Guenther

Baptism among the Early Christians
by Jon Isaak

Affirmation by Lorraine Dick
Critique by Gay Lynn Voth

MB theology of baptism
by Lynn Jost

Affirmation by Roger Thiessen
Critique by Ed Boschman