REALife Journal

The REALife Journal is simply about listening to what God has to say to you through the Bible, responding and tracking what you’ve learned. Putting your pen to paper will help you discover more truth.

We seek purpose and direction for our lives.

We often go to great lengths to find this purpose and direction, sometimes feeling like we live a life of trial and error. Sometimes we come to a crossroads and need guidance in choosing the best path. Sometimes it’s just a nagging dissatisfaction that we aren’t living our “real” life.

The REALife Journal can help you find and live your “real” life.

This tool is simply about listening to what God, our Creator, has to say to you through the Bible, responding accordingly, and tracking what you’ve learned. No matter where you may be on your spiritual journey, you will continue to discover God in new and profound ways – and find out what he has in store for you – as you spend more, and meaningful, time with him. The process of putting your pen to paper through journaling will help you discover more truth and its relevance in your life. Keeping track of key discoveries through the Word and your prayer requests will allow you to recognize God at work and to join him in what he is doing in your life and the lives of others.

Whether you are 12 years old or 80, you can deepen your relationship with our loving God by spending time reading, listening, journaling, and praying. May you enjoy being in his presence and appreciate his majesty.

“A life worth living is worth recording.” – Anthony Robbins

The REALife Journal guides your journaling through four steps:

R- Read the Bible passage for the day.

E- Explore what it means.

A- Apply it to your life.

L- Link with God through prayer.

Alone or together
You can use this journal on your own, with a friend or spouse, or with your small group. You can even start a REALife Journal group that meets regularly to share personal discoveries and experiences and to encourage one another.

Bible-reading plans
Reading the Bible is important for growing in your relationship with God. Regularly reading the Word will bring to light God’s infinite breadth and depth and his incredible plan for us, his people, for all time. However, many people don’t know where or how to start. A reading plan will guide you as you read through the Bible.

The REALife Journal Bible-reading plan will take you through the entire Bible in one year or two years – it’s up to you. You can begin at any time during the year.

Mix it up
You may want to read the Bible in a different order, in smaller or larger chunks, according to specific interest (i.e. Jesus’ teachings or lesser-known stories in the Bible), or readings in a different language.

1. The NavPress website offers these plans:

  • 5x5x5 Bible-reading Plan: Five minutes per day, five days per week, five ways to dig deeper. This plan takes you through one chapter each day. Read the New Testament in one year.
  • Book-at-a-Time Bible-reading Plan: This plan intersperses Old and New Testament books in each month’s readings, with the four gospels spread throughout the year. Read the complete Bible in one year.
  • The Discipleship Journal® Bible-reading Plan: Read four places in God’s Word every day to better grasp the unity of the Scriptures. Read the complete Bible in one year.


2. The Zondervan website, offers Bible-reading plans for a time period of anywhere from two weeks to one year. You can also read Bible passages that deal with topics like social justice, men of the Old Testament, or women of the Bible.

3. The BibleGateway website, offers the whole Bible online. The Bible is available here in many languages and in a variety of translations, along with four Bible-reading plans.

Need a reminder to pray for your friends and family? Use the Prayerful CPR section in the journal as your daily reminder to pray specifically for several people in your life.


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