Gathering 2008


What a blessing it was for us to participate in and enjoy Gathering this year—to experience what God is doing in Montreal and within our Canadian Conference and to live God’s call together. We really felt the strong spirit of community and unity throughout the weekend and were blessed by the quality of fellowship we shared together. To those 350 of you who attended Gathering 2008, thank you for your participation. Your presence contributed to what made Gathering such a fantastic and life-giving experience this year. For those unable to attend, we certainly missed you and are sorry you could not participate, but we want you to know what took place during our time together in Montreal. Below is a quick summary of the weekend and some of the highlights we enjoyed.

Blessings to you and may we continue to live God’s call together.

David Wiebe
Executive Director

Click here to read through the Gathering 2008 Yearbook.


  • Excellent teaching and messages from our speakers:
    – Bruxy Cavey spoke on how today’s churches might radically follow God’s call by mirroring the early church;
    – Patrice Nagant spoke on unity, focusing on John 17, where Jesus prayed, asking God to unify his church;
    – Eric Wingender spoke on behalf of the people of Quebec and the spiritual need – and witness challenge there
  • bilingual worship experience with Dan Loewen
  • short film festival, telling the stories of nine churches and how they are engaging their communities
  • “Experience Montreal”, a tour which allowed us to see where Montrealers live and work and the challenge for witness in this city
  • communion on top of Mount Royal with MBMSI Soar and Action teams
  • a commissioning prayer for the Quebec delegates as well as all Gathering attendees

Regenerate 21-01

A significant part of our Gathering weekend centered on the presentation and official approval of Regenerate 21-01, our new initiative to see 21st-century churches reflecting first-century dynamics. Regenerate 21-01 is all about individual and corporate regeneration—a process of change and renewal that we want to see implemented within our churches, our leaders, and the Canadian Conference as a whole. For those of you who missed Gathering and/or are new to the Regenerate 21-01 concept, as well as for those of you who attended Gathering and could use a reminder/refresher, feel free to review the official Regenerate news release, which explains a little more about what this new initiative is all about.

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