Close To Home Pamphlet Series

The Close to Home Pamphlet Series addresses difficult and personal issues that many people find uncomfortable or ill-equipped to deal with, such as addictions, abuse and mental illness.

The Close to Home pastoral care pamphlets can open doors toward conversation, awareness, and healing steps.

An integrated path toward healing

The pamphlets are neither a substitute for therapy nor the definitive word on the issues. They are bridges toward healing. They use the resources of therapy, Christian faith, the Bible, and the caring environment of the church.

Addressed to the one seeking help, each 12-page booklet includes:

  • a story of someone who has moved toward healing
  • basic information about the issue
  • an explanation of how the Bible and the Christian story address the issue
  • encouragement and next steps: who to talk to and what questions to ask

Ways to use the booklets:

  • Offer them and discuss them in your pastoral care visits.
  • Display them in the church foyer, counseling office, or even a restroom.
  • Give them to loved ones of those who suffer, so they can be informed.
  • Distribute them as conversation starters and use the free study guides for adult education or support groups.

Available Titles:

Dealing with Pornography
Dealing with Spouse Abuse
Dealing with Eating Disorders
Dealing with Alcoholism
Dealing with Depression
Dealing with Marital Discord
Dealing with Extreme Anxiety
Dealing with Bullying
Dealing with Child Abuse
Dealing with Drug Addiction
Dealing with Acquaintance Rape
Dealing with Gambling
Dealing with Overwhelming Debt
Dealing with Elder Abuse
Dealing with Electronic Addiction
Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Dealing with Bipolar Disorder
Dealing with Infertility
Dealing with Bullying
Dealing with Dementia


The Close to Home Series is published by Faith & Life Resources (a division of Mennonite Publishing Network) in close cooperation with:

  • ministry agencies and seminaries of the Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Church Canada and the Canadian Conference of MB Churches
  • institutions belonging to the Mennonite Health Services Alliance (MHSA) and MHSA’s mental health council
  • therapists, pastors, teachers, and publishing staff from Mennonite and MB churches

Funding support comes from a variety of organizations and individuals, including the Canadian Conference of MB Churches.

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New topics coming soon:

  • AIDS
  • Overwhelming Debt
  • Criminal record
  • Schizophrenia
  • Self-Harm
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Suicide
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Unemployment