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The Survey is now Closed! Thank you for your participation.


We are reaching out to Mennonite Brethren to share their opinions on how to build community between MB churches and to determine the kinds of resources that can help with discipleship. The MB Herald publication is one example of a resource that helps build community among MBs so we’re hoping to hear your opinions on this and other resources that CCMBC could provide. Insights will be collected via a nation-wide survey, beginning September 10th.

The survey will be available from September 10th–25th and can be completed at


2 responses to “Communications Survey”

  1. H & H Janz says:

    The MB Herald Is a large part in our lives. We look forward to its arrival monthly. There are great articles and great responses printed. The obits are usually read first. To read about the journey that our people have gone is encouraging and uplifting. The articles for certain topics, e.g. Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. are well received and enjoyed. Then also, the reports on the conferences are eagerly read as we are not in a position anymore to attend any of these gatherings. We would not know what is going on in our beloved conference if it were not for these articles. The MB Herald is truly a lifeline for us to connect with all MB Churches.

  2. Richard Ratzlaff says:

    We like the MB herald. It connects us with many people ,churches and Institutions that we would not be connected to with aut the Herald. The obituaries tell us of the people that have left us and how the lived there lives.We like to get it in paper form. Then there so many articles and sermons that are informative and helpfull.

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