Leadership development appoints lifelong learning host

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Daniel and Maureen Beutler

Beutler to facilitate lifelong learning interests of CCMBC pastors and facilitate the interests of churches to be resourced for maximum effectiveness

CCMBC’s leadership development director Ron Toews is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Beutler as lifelong learning host.

The two main foci of the role are to:

1) Facilitate the lifelong learning interests of CCMBC pastors in the areas of spiritual renewal, theological enrichment, and the acquisition of leadership skills; and,

2) Facilitate the interests of churches to be resourced for maximum effectiveness.

Daniel brings extensive professional training and experience in developing and implementing systems and structures that facilitate the ongoing development of leadership convictions and competencies.

Daniel has been a pastor, executive director of the Alberta Conference of MB Churches since 2010, holds a DMin from MBBS-ACTS, Langley, B.C. is certified in various coaching methods, and is a native of Switzerland. Daniel is married to Maureen; they have two late-teen and early adult children. The full-time role begins in August and will be based out of Abbotsford.

Leadership development helps create environments in which leaders are intentionally discerned, developed, and empowered to lead in new and established ministries.

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  1. R. Hiebert says:

    Congratulations and best wishes Daniel – from a B.C.M.B. fan.

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