Is your church taking full advantage of technology?

Posted on Friday, May 29th, 2015 by Elenore Doerksen in News | Comments (1)

Today’s Mennonite Brethren churches are asking all kinds of questions about technology. What’s the purpose behind using video in our ministry? What needs are we trying to meet – locally and globally? What resources are we using to post or livestream our video content?

The Canadian conference wants to help churches reach Canada with the good news of Jesus Christ in new and innovative ways. That’s why we’ve launched an online iTV network called Global Mission Media to help your church answer some of those questions.

The above video, featuring CCMBC executive director Willy Reimer, outlines a strategy for using technology in the church.

For more information about GMMiTV, please contact

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One response to “Is your church taking full advantage of technology?”

  1. Rudy Hiebert says:

    I agree with this effort because it’s taken a long time coming. People are reading the sermon’s text from their iPhone instead of their Bible’s or perhaps on the challenge will be to have them refrain from texting when they should be listening to the “sermon”.

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