Dec. 13 Conference Call Audio Recording

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Click here to listen to the conference call held on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016.


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One response to “Dec. 13 Conference Call Audio Recording”

  1. Kevin Koop says:

    Thank-you for hosting a conversation in this format, and for posting the recording for listening afterwards. I found it helpful in a number of ways. As someone without a financial background it was nice to be able to “listen in” when others with that area of expertise are asking their questions. I’m hopeful that this format allows some of the questions that are “out there” to be responded to efficiently.

    I also liked the structure of the conversation, that it was moderated, that folks were limited to one question until all questions had been answered, and that all the people who were speaking stated their name/church.

    I still value forums where we are in the room together (so we can kick each other under the table, so to speak). There is something important in that as well.

    But overall, appreciated the attempt to use new technology to dialogue openly and honestly. Thank-you!

    Kevin Koop
    Crestwood MB
    Medicine Hat

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