Canadian Council of Anabaptist Leaders presents statement of reconciliation at TRC

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The Canadian Council of Anabaptist Leaders (CCAL) presented a statement of reconciliation at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission event that took place in Edmonton, March 27–30, 2014

A reflection from Willy Reimer, CCMBC’s executive director

Attending the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a sobering experience. Listening to residential school survivors share their stories of abuse was deeply moving and troubling. I identified with their stories on a personal level due to my own abusive background but their stories of being ripped from their homes and then abused emotionally, spiritually, physically and sexually by those who were to represent Jesus to them was disturbing at the deepest level. I was encouraged by the testimonies of forgiveness and renewal given by some. I was also embarrassed that these activities were initiated by our Canadian government and that society at large allowed our representatives to take such action against a people group.

Leading up to the Edmonton TRC, we (CCMBC executive director and moderator) participated in writing a letter communicating our commitment as CCMBC leadership to be ministers of reconciliation through the power of Christ going forward. My prayer is that we, the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, will be known as a people who reach out with Christ’s love to all people in Canada.
Willy Reimer
CCMBC Executive Director

Click here to read the statement of reconciliation from CCAL

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