Board of Faith and Life

Board of Faith and Life


As the Board of Faith and Life (BFL), we help ensure CCMBC is growing spiritually healthy churches grounded in the Bible and equipped to reach their communities for Christ. We do this by providing spiritual guidance and direction in matters of faith, theology, ethics, and Christian living, and upholding biblical and ethical integrity through our Confession of Faith as well as resources and events.

We provide spiritual guidance to the Canadian Conference, local MB churches, and church leaders, staff, and members in all matters related to faith, ethics, doctrine, theology, and living the Christian life.

On an ongoing basis, the BFL, which is responsible for observing the Canadian Conference’s executive board, performs and “environmental scan” of the conference, identifying and then addressing areas of concern and significant issues which local MB churches are dealing with. The BFL is also responsible for clarifying structural relationships within the conference.

To contact the Board of Faith and Life, email chair Ingrid Reichard at

Members of the Board of Faith and Life

Ingrid Reichard




 Paul Loewen

Assistant Chair, Alberta Conference Minister





Rob Thiessen

Interim Secretary, British Columbia Conference Minister




 Brian Cooper

British Columbia Representative





Laurence Hiebert

Alberta Representative





 Phil Gunther

Saskatchewan Director of Ministry




 David Olsen

Saskatchewan Representative





Elton DaSilva

Manitoba Executive Director





 Christine Longhurst

Manitoba Representative





Ed Willms

Ontario Executive Director




 Richard Martens

Ontario Representative





David Miller

Quebec Representative




 Paul Lam





 Robyn Serez






Andrew Dyck

MB Biblical Seminary representative




Bill Hogg

C2C Network Representative