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Winnipeg MB Ministry Centre

1310 Taylor Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3Z6

Phone: (888) 669-6575
Phone: (204) 669-6575
fax (204) 654-1865

Alberta MB Ministry Centre

160-340 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, Alberta T2X 1P1
Phone: (403) 256-3211
Fax: (403) 256-3788

B.C. MB Ministry Centre

101-32310 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 1X1
Phone: (604) 853-6959
Fax: (604) 853-6990


Recent Posts

October 2015 Video Update

“This [2015 Study] Conference is not just an intellectual exercise, but has significant and profound impact on the lives of the people as we present the good news of Jesus Christ and the identity that we find in Christ our creator” ¬† -Willy Reimer The Fall season is upon us, which also means that 2015 Study Conference is just around the corner. This years includes continuing the discussion the God, Sex, & the Church¬†as well as the Annual General meeting […]

written by Dustin Wiebe | October 1, 2015

Transformation Survey

MB Church Transformation Survey

Introducing the Transformation Survey The results from our first Transformation Survey are in! For those who may be unaware, CCMBC emailed out our first Transformation Survey to all MB churches in June-July of this year. The purpose of the Transformation Survey is to measure, over time, the transformation of our churches in three areas: Life Transformation, Church Transformation and World Transformation. We feel this is critical because it allows us to track the impact and use of CCMBC initiatives toward […]

written by Dustin Wiebe | September 28, 2015