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Winnipeg MB Ministry Centre

1310 Taylor Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3Z6

Phone: (888) 669-6575
Phone: (204) 669-6575
fax (204) 654-1865

Alberta MB Ministry Centre

160-340 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, Alberta T2X 1P1
Phone: (403) 256-3211
Fax: (403) 256-3788

B.C. MB Ministry Centre

101-32310 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 1X1
Phone: (604) 853-6959
Fax: (604) 853-6990


Recent Posts

June 2016

“This summer we’re getting together in Toronto for our bi-annual national convention, which we call Gathering. I’m excited about what’s happening this summer, and I’m excited to invite you to come and join Canadian Mennonite Brethren – from coast to coast – to Toronto. As we gain a heart for what God is doing among us, as we are inspired by what the Spirit is saying to us and as we also get a heart for the mission that’s happening […]

written by Audry Goertzen | June 1, 2016