Annual General Meeting (AGM) Update

The CCMBC Executive Board would like to thank everyone who attended the AGM. The questions and comments delegates raised during the breakout sessions and AGM are very helpful to us. God is clearly at work in our communities, and it is a privilege to be a part of resourcing ministry.

The three breakout sessions provided a good venue for dialogue.

Legacy – Our finance team has done very good work. There was strong affirmation for this financial direction, and the conference will continue implementing the CCMBC Legacy Fund Inc. as approved by the AGM motion.

MB Herald and Communications – 6P Marketing presented the Communications Survey results, which formed a good basis for discussion. Many people have shared the positive impact the MB Herald has on their lives. There was strong support to build on the Herald by continuing to publish stories about MB churches’ struggles and strengths using a variety of media. We also heard a caution to exercise moderation in using the MB Herald as a conference promotional vehicle. The board is planning further conversation with the constituency, leading to a recommendation for Gathering 2016.

C2C/MB Mission opportunities – God has been doing great work through these ministries. Breakout participants encouraged the Canadian conference to work even more collaboratively with MB Mission as well as our friends in the USMB conference. The idea of a merger between C2C, MB Mission and Mission USA was new, but most participants encouraged caution in moving in this direction. The executive board will meet with our partners in December and continue this dialogue with MB churches, leading to a recommendation at Gathering in 2016.

All recommended motions passed with strong majorities. A copy of the AGM report book can be downloaded here.

The 2016 budget generated good conversation. Support for the C2C Network, L2L, and other MB ministries was strong. As an executive board, we were encouraged to provide more clarity for flow-through items and C2C ministry costs.

We also received an action item to review our written and verbal communication regarding C2C to reflect our Canadian demographic and gender balance.

A special thank you to Willy Reimer, Michelle Penner and Steve Dick for organizing a great event. The staff and volunteers of Westwood Community Church were great hosts!

Thank you!
Harold Froese,
Moderator, CCMBC Executive Board